Originally published on Eonline

February 13, 2017

Camila Alves is on many missions — empowering high school students with husband Matthew McConaughey, inspiring her own kids to give back through her own example, and creating affordable organic baby food through Yummy Spoonfuls, are just a few.

So when the opportunity arose to partner our Spoonfuls of Giving campaign with Feeding America, a non-profit that provides more than 46 million people across America with food, the fit couldn’t have been more natural. As Camila says about helping others, “That’s how I was raised and how I grew up. It’s all in the family, and Matthew is the same way.”

Want to hear Camila tell a funny, feel good story about how creative her kids can be when giving back? Head over to Eonline and watch her exclusive interview — it will make your heart melt.