Camila Alves



Partner & Chief Brand Director

I was born in Brazil and raised in a family of farmers.  I grew up with a strong connection to the tastes and aromas of freshly-picked ingredients.  I remember climbing trees and eating sweet mangoes right off the branch.  And yes, there’s truth to the story that I used to bolster my pocket money by selling surplus fruit on the roadside!

As a mother, I want the same healthy foundation for my three growing kids.  When my children were babies, I spent countless hours making baby food in a messy kitchen, surrounded by fresh ingredients and bowls of purees. I thought there must be a simpler way to provide fresh, unprocessed, homemade organic food for babies and tots.  Meeting Agatha was the answer to my prayers.

As a business-woman, I have learned a great deal about product development and innovation.  I have also had the privilege to meet world-class experts and business leaders; I have relished the opportunity to partner with Target on a number of ventures. I pride myself as being a connector – of dots and of people.  It’s exciting to be able to have put all these elements together on my journey with Agatha.

I am thankful to have the opportunity of working with such a gifted and generous entrepreneur as Agatha. Together, we have reimagined Yummy SpoonfulsⓇ with the goal of making it accessible to families all across America. It is our shared dream to change the way kids eat, by instilling a lifelong love for delicious, healthy food starting with their very first spoonful.