Our founder, Agatha Achindu, loves to batch cook and freeze. If you’ve followed her Instagram profile, you’ll see that there’s always something cooking in her kitchen.  In a society of “instant everything” where food is constantly consumed on-the-go, the best way to manage this is by cooking ahead and freezing.  Your children and your families will still be able to eat wholesome, nutritious food in a matter of minutes.

Here’s Agatha’s list of best foods to cook and freeze:

Meat Stews



Fruits & Vegetables

Medleys or Purees (except for water rich ones including melons, celery, cucumber, and lettuce)

Egg dishes

(such as egg muffins)


(cook al dente because the texture will be extremely soft upon thawing)

Potato based dishes

Breakfast items

(such as pancakes and waffles)

Baked Goods

Agatha’s Freezing Guide:

Cool dishes completely before freezing

Store food in freezer safe containers (Check out our list here)

Reheat fried foods (i.e. chicken) in the oven to regain some level of crispiness

If packed properly frozen meals can last a long time

However, if it looks or smells bad toss it.

Most importantly: Do not refreeze

Stay tuned for a freezer friendly recipe.  Happy Cooking!