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Mom, actress and lifestyle maven Tamera Mowry is a big fan of Yummy Spoonfuls. She gives parenting advice on her website and is often inspired by Yummy Spoonfuls founder Agatha Achindu.

One column Agatha contributed to shares back-to-school tips and primarily focuses on a major lunch time classic- the sandwich. “As parents, we often rely on sandwiches to fill hungry little tummies. Kids love sandwiches; they’re easy and quick.” Agatha writes. “Very likely, our kids will be eating lots of sandwiches this school year, so the best thing to do is make them count, nutritionally speaking.”

She goes on to provide several pieces of advice on how to make a healthy sandwich starting with bread. “It’s important to read labels. When you check the ingredients of most grocery store bread, you will find a very long list…Bread only requires four or five ingredients. Good flour, water, yeast, salt and maybe a bit of oil or sweetener is all it takes. ”

Next she addresses the fillings saying, “Look for fillings that are free of added sugar, salt and preservatives. Fresh is best, but if you use pickles, condiments, jams and jellies, check the labels to make sure these items are free of high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial colorings and preservatives.”

Finally, she sends the reader off with a comforting reminder. “Once you have the basics – healthy bread and wholesome fillings – be sure to enjoy the ease and simplicity of sandwiches. You don’t have to feel bad about taking shortcuts when you know the result is yummy – AND nutritious. ”

 Enjoy the whole piece here.

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