Michal Hertz, MS, RD, CDN

Michal provides nutrition therapy to clients on a weekly basis specializing in Eating Disorders, Pediatric nutrition and Weight Management in an outpatient setting. She also works with parents to help manage their children’s diets and guide them in creating a healthy home. Michal coordinates and runs dining out groups weekly for eating disorder patients.

Yummy Spoonfuls Tot’s Bites:

“Trolls may be playing on the TV, but Yummy Spoonfuls patties are not your typical frozen TV dinner. As a mom and dietitian of three children its no easy feat to find one product that really packs in high quality lean protein, starch, and vegetables for a balanced dish that tastes great and that my kids actually enjoy eating! As a working mom on a tight schedule it is so comforting to know that within 10 minutes I can serve my children a dinner made from real, non-processed, WHOLE organic ingredients and in which I can pronounce and am familiar with every ingredient. The portion size of each box is perfect for one child so there is no need to spend time repackaging or wasting leftovers when your done. One of my favorite features in this product is that it’s not shy of herbs and spices! I often find that frozen meals and options for kids nowadays are void of any herbs and spices, out of fear that they wont sell, which teaches our children to only prefer bland buttered food with no palate for variety and new exciting flavors. As a dietitian I always recommend my clients try seasonings and herbs for their toddlers and even infants to expand their taste and appreciate foods other than chicken nuggets and pasta.
I understand that as parents we sometimes feel guilty or turned off by frozen foods because it’s not fresh, however, when foods are frozen they lock in the nutrients when vegetables are at their ripened peak. Fresh vegetables are actually picked before they are fully ripened and have less time to develop all their vitamins and minerals. I am so excited and simultaneously relieved that a company has finally come along that pushes the boundaries with flavors, textures and whole ingredients in which I feel safe and confident to feed to my children…and myself.”


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