Homemade just got ridiculously easy

our ingredients

Made by starting from scratch and sourcing the highest quality farm-fresh certified organic whole fruits & vegetables, legumes, whole grains and meats. All of our recipes contain no preservatives, added sugar, additives or fillers. Alway non-GMO. It’s just real food.

Made the way a mom would, with whole organic ingredients

our cooking

Made by peeling, chopping and simply cooking the ingredients with care, in small batches at low temperatures. This ensures food safety while also improving flavor and preserving the nutrients and vitamins.

Made the way a mom would, by cooking at low temperatures

the freezing difference

Made by immediately freezing after cooking to lock in nutrients, colors and flavors at their peak of freshness without the need for preservatives or over-processing. Just like what we do at home to save grandma’s casserole for another night, freezing is one of the most natural ways to preserve food. You can see and taste the difference!

our packaging

Our food is handled the way you would. We put it in only the safest containers. We package it in BPA-free, microwave safe, easy-to-use pouches and containers, allowing you to safely and easily store all that yummy just-like-homemade baby and toddler food goodness

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