cook time: 8-9 minutes

serving: 2 toddler servings or 1 adult serving

nutrition: whole grains, fiber, protein, calcium

Sweet Potato & Adzuki Bean Breakfast Burritos

Who doesn’t love a fiesta in the morning? These breakfast burritos will surely power you with the fuel to start and conquer the day (for parents and kids alike!). Bonus points: using our Tots Sweet Potato & Adzuki Bean Bowl to zest up the filling makes this recipe quick, easy, and packed with protein and fiber! Adzuki beans are small, red legumes that are a great source of protein, folate and fiber and the addition of avocado boosts healthy fat intake. Wrap in a whole wheat tortilla because it provides a dietary source of whole grains and fiber. We give these mouth-watering burritos a double thumbs up and hope your entire family will too! 



1 whole wheat tortilla

¼ cup cooked rice (we recommend brown rice)

1 box of Tots Yummy Spoonfuls Stage 3 Sweet Potato & Adzuki Beans (cook according to package directions)

¼ cup grated/shredded cheese (we used smoked gouda)

¼ avocado (sliced)

Pinch of salt

Oil/spray for browning (we use ghee)



Add a scoop of rice onto the tortilla slightly off center

Top with Yummy Spoonfuls Sweet Potato & Adzuki Beans

Sprinkle cheese

Add avocado slices

Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt

Wrap tortilla (fold sides and ends of tortilla over the filling and roll away)

In a large skillet, add a drizzle of oil or spray and brown burritos on all sides.


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