Meet Anita Mirchandani, M.S, R.D, C.D.N

Growing up in Texas, where big means BIG, the road to wellness did not come easily for me.  Fighting off large portions and trying to stay cool in 100 degree heat was not a motivating environment to keep healthy. Think unlimited soda refills, lunch buffets, four-course Indian meals (thanks culture!), all you can eat pizza for $7.99.  As a result, food (in large quantities and portions) has always been a part of my life. The key—and the hard part—was gaining control.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I always had to find a balance when it came to food. It was hard to make healthy decisions without having any role models or reliable resources. There is so much nonsense out there – how do you know what to believe? That’s why after a few years of working in the corporate world, I found my calling in the nutrition and fitness industry and became a Registered dietitian and certified fitness professional. Becoming a dietitian made me realize that I couldn’t reverse the effects of my childhood but that I could positively impact the lives of those having children – including myself.

In 2014, I had my son, Ryan.  Of course, it was life-changing but also empowering.  I wanted to be the ‘wellness” guide for my family, that I never had.  I’ve loved every minute of this experience — the ability to provide home cooked food and hands on guidance.  However, this isn’t feasible for many families.  The reality is that most of you turn to what’s available online or at your local grocery store with hopes that the food you provide your family is wholesome, nutritious and most of all safe.  That’s why I’ve decided to partner with Yummy Spoonfuls to help you navigate through this phase of life and be your trusted resource and guide.  My goal is to help you feel less guilty about everything because you’ve probably got plenty on your plate (no pun intended!).

During this upcoming holiday season, as you’re planning your trips, vacations, or visitor schedules, feeding your little ones will always be on the agenda.  And if you’re like me, you’ve probably got a million questions and concerns that may keep you up at night or cause you mini panic attacks (besides what gifts to buy your in-laws).  I’m here to help — during the holidays and beyond.  Perhaps you’re curious about what to feed your little one for that next holiday meal, how to introduce finger foods for the first time, or what healthy on-the-go foods or snacks to pack. Either way, I’ll be sharing these answers and more through the Grow Up Yummy blog. Stay tuned!

 What’s keeping you up at night?

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